A. Letter Issued by Electrical Directorate of Railway Board

1. Escorting duty for Air Conditioned Coaches and Power Coaches
2. Position of Pantry Car Coaches
3. Fire Prevention in Coaches
4. Fire in Power Cars
5. Fire in 12591 Dn Mumbai Central-New Delhi Rajdhani Express on 18.04.2011 in Kota Division of West Central Railway.
6. Special Drive for Prevention of Fire in Coaches.
7. Fire Prevention in Coaches.
8. Incident of Fire on 2AC- 3 Tier Coaches of 13009 Up Howrah Dehradun Express at 2:35 Hrs on 22.11.2011 between Nimighat and Parasnath Stations on Grand Chord (GH) Section of Dhanbad Division of East Central Railways.
9. Decision Taken Between 25th MSG Meeting for TL and AC held at Ahmedabad on 3/4.09.2012.
10. Special Drive for Ensuring Safety of Coaches.
11. Special Drives for Working of Vane Relay and Heaters/ Blowers in AC Coaches.
12. Use of Polycarbonate/ Wire Mesh in Light Diffusers of Coaches.
13. Switching Off Power Supply for Charging Mobiles/Laptops in AC Coaches between 23:00 Hrs to 05:00 Hrs.
14. Mock drill for fire