I. Letter Issued by CAMTECH and extracts of manuals

1. Fire Causes and Preventive Measures in Railway Coaches.
2. Clause No. 151 of The Railway Act, 1989.
3. Para 111 f of Maintenance Manual for BG ICF Designed Coaches, 2002 Regarding Fire Extinguishers.
4. Para 21.18.2 of Signal Engineering Manual Part II.
5. Responsibilty of Station Master (Supervisory) / Station Manager as per Operating Manual for Indian Railways, 2008.
6. Paras 2126-2135 of Indian Railway Commercial Manual Volume II, 1991.
7. Paras 313-317 of Indian Railway Medical Manual Volume I Third Edition - 2000.
8. Para 3.85 of IRCA Conference Rules PArt IV Regarding Locking of Coaches.